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Maximise your health, training & performance

PW WILLIAMS coaching

As a chartered physiotherapist with over a decade racing in the International Pro Peloton, years of experience and knowledge combine to enable WILLIAMS HUMAN PERFORMANCE to offer 

-Coaching services

-Retul Bike Fitting

-Physio treatment plus Sport specific S&C programs  

-Nutrition support

Whilst completing a physiotherapy degree at University, Williams has raced professionally at the highest level including World Tour events, 11 x Tour of Britain (Several King of the Mountains and Sprint Jerseys won) and 5 x Tour de Yorkshires.

WILLIAMS HUMAN PERFORMANCE can help you improve your health & fitness with knowledge and experience to guide and mentor you to peak performance to achieve your goals.

Chartered Physiotherapist (HCPC, BHSc)

Qualified cycling coach

Member chartered society of physiotherapists (MCSP)

Member of Association British Cycle Coaches


Maximise your training

Everyone wants to be fitter, faster, stronger and to improve.
Let WILLIAMS Human Performance help you.

Tour of Britain WILLIAMS coaching

1:1 performance coaching

Make the most of every session to ensure you're working towards achieving your goals.  

  • Individualised training plans to meet your needs and aims.

  • After a face/face consultation (Either on line or in person, location dependent) to discuss your needs, review and analysis of current activity/previous sporting history, an initial plan will be created.  This is then continuously updated and evolved to ensure the prescribed training is always the correct option.

  • Things need to change.  Work commitments, illness and weather, are all some of the things that come into play and should be considered.

  • Training plans delivered through TrainingPeaks.  An app and website make tracking and planning your training hassle free and takes away the stress and guess work about what training to do.  

  • Regular performance and fitness testing to track progress and ensure you are using the correct power and heart rate zones for your training.

  • Opportunity to discuss race/event tactics and analyse post event.

  • Discounted rates for additional Williams Human Performance services.

Please get in touch to arrange a FREE initial consultation.




Monthly Training Plan

  • After an initial consultation, a personalised monthly training plan is created, always with the end target goal in mind.  

  • Training plans delivered through TrainingPeaks.  An app and website make tracking and planning your training hassle free.  Training sessions for each day are set so takes away the stress and guess work about what training to do.  

  • Fortnightly reviews of the training and discussion of how things are going so appropriate adjustments can be made for the following weeks.

  • Training intensity zones identified (Heart rate and power if in use) through on bike testing to ensure training is at the correct intensities.

  • Ideal for anyone who wants to improve their cycling.  From someone who wants to feel fitter on a bike and achieve a challenge, through to those who want to improve and get more competitive in races.



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Bike fit & physio screening

The Retül bike fit uses some of the most advanced analysis technology available to optimise your cycling position.  A full physio body screening will highlight any areas of the body that require attention to both further increase performance and reduce risk of potential injury.

-Increase comfort - from newbie to pro, comfort is crucial for sustaining time spent on the bike.
-Injury Prevention- The correct position keeps your body aligned on the bike, helping to prevent injuries.
-Performance - An optimal position not only increases comfort it maximizes power, efficiency, aerodynamics and endurance ultimately making you faster.

Our standard fit includes,
-Initial interview to discuss previous cycling experience, goals, current and aspirational cycling level. We listen to your specific requirements so we can tailor the session to you ensuring you get the most out of it.
-Full physio off the bike assessment to highlight any areas that may need addressing to resolve/prevent injury or improve cycling performance.
-Retül position analysis using 3D motion capture technology which accurately measures every degree of movement & millimetre of distance using 8 anatomical L.E.D. markers.
-Slow Motion video capture is used to allow you to visualise your position & any changes. It also highlights your aerodynamic profile which has a direct impact on how fast you go on your bike.
-A review of all the gather information including using the Retül fit softwear will objectively inform any recommendations for positional change to dial in your ideal position.
Once your optimum position is finalised, a 3D digital map of your bike is created using the Retül system which details the precise measurements for your bike which will be emailed for future reference as part a full report of the session.
Price from £195

Standard Retül fit sessions lasts up to 2 hours. Fitting can be tailored to meet individual needs including road, time trial & triathlon positional analysis along with multiple bike options. Bike specific strength & conditioning sessions also available.


- Paceline Cycles, Crosshills.

- The Clubhouse Coffee & Cycles, Skipton

- MM Physio, Ribble Valley Performance Centre, Whalley

Get in touch to discuss and arrange a convenient dates/time to get booked in.




  • Physiotherapy sessions can be arranged to suit your individual needs.

-Musculoskeletal & Sports Injuries

-Back pain
-Muscle & Joint injuries
-Spinal problems
-Chronic & Acute conditions
-Neural conditions
-Work related trauma (RSI, Postural  Dysfunction)
-Manual Therapy & Mobilisation
-Sports Massage

Contact pete@williamshumanperformance.co.uk

Chartered Physiotherapist


Healthy Morning



Cam Blake - Sport scientist & Nutritionist

BSc Sport & Exercise Science

MSc Dis Sport & Exercise Nutrition 

SENr registered  

“Getting your nutrition right is not only important for race day or that big ride; it has a big influence on your ability to train and recovery effectively.”

“Nutrition coaching is not just something for pro athletes, it is an area of improvement for everyone seeking to improve their health and athletic performance.” Cam

Cam works with athletes across all sports including cycling, triathlon and rugby whilst also currently working with Premiership Football team Leeds United as their Academy Nutritionist.

Nutrition Support Plans

All plans are personalised for you and tailored to your individual needs and goals. FREE initial consultation to discuss your individual requirements and what you want to achieve, and aligning a nutrition plan to achieve your goals.​

Monthly Nutrition Coaching  ​(£80/Month)

  • Nutrition advice tailored to your training and long-term goals.

  • How to match your energy intake to your training demands. 

  • When, what and how much to eat whilst training, to ensure optimal performance gains and achieve body composition goals. 

  • How to optimise recovery and prepare for your next training session.

  • Guidance on meals: recipe adaptations to suit your training energy requirements.

  • Optimising body composition to help you achieve your optimal weight.

  • The creation and then support of new habits.

  • Injured Athlete - Guidance on how to adapt your energy intake to maintain your current body weight and optimally recover. Advice on supplement use to support recovery.

  • Guidance on safe supplement use. (UKAD Advisor) 

Premium Nutrition Plan (£125/Month) 

  • Aimed at those with a big target event/competition in mind, package also includes detailed analysis of your key events specific demands and fueling needs, allowing comprehensive planning and preparation for the big occasion. 

  • Detailed Nutrition plan for the big day and preceding days to ensure you're optimally fueled for the big event so you can focus on other things at hand. 

  • Designed to help you reach your optimum athletic performance and ideal condition.

  • Detailed meal plans and fueling strategies.

  • Take away the stress of knowing how you should be fueling and be confident you're getting the correct energy, in the right amounts at the best time. 

  • Guidance on the correct use of fasted or low carbohydrate availability training. 


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